Saturday, March 27, 2010

What Is A Solar Energy

Solar energy is the energy that is produced by our sun. The Sun is a big ball of heat and light resulting from nuclear fusion at its core. The nuclear reaction releases energy that travels outward to the surface of the Sun. Along the way to the surface the energy transforms so that by the time it is released it is primarily light energy.

Our big friendly giant up there.It's a fact that all life depends on and comes from the sun. The production of oxygen and food would be impossible without solar energy. Farmers know the value of a large field with a plentiful supply of sunlight.

Energy from the sun is present in fossil fuels, stored in fossilised plant remains that once grew and absorbed the sun’s energy through photosynthesis. It is also directly experienced in the warmth of the sun and in its light.

Water can be heated actively or passively. Passive heating occurs simply when water, preheated by the sun, is used by a conventional water heater. Active heating occurs when a heating element inside a solar hot water system heats the water on sunny days.

There are many different methods of collecting the heat and converting it to electricity, and many ways of converting the light as well. One of the simplest ways that people use solar heat energy is by using greenhouses.

A greenhouse is built so that it can best collect the sunlight and heat that it receives from the sun. This heat is trapped inside the greenhouse by the roof and walls allowing plants to grow in an otherwise too cold climate.

Electricity From Solar Energy

Photovoltaic cells, commonly known as solar cells, are used to capture the sun’s energy and convert it into direct current electricity. This can be used in this form or be converted into alternating current, which is like the electricity that is available from the grid.

Solar energy also can be used for wind power, hydro power, and biomass power and of course the sun also will come to the end of its life eventually, in many millions of years time, making it a kind of non-renewable energy source.

As more and more people demand the use of free solar energy, governments as well as businesses are subsidizing researchers, and these combined efforts are meeting this demand by coming up with materials that can produce more and more energy from a given amount of sunlight.

Solar electricity produced by arrays of solar panels is now almost as cost effective as using petroleum, coal, and nuclear generated power.