Monday, April 5, 2010

Why Is Solar Energy Important

Solar energy is very important for human survival. One is all the beings on earth depend on sunlight. Besides helping us to stay warm and enabling other organisms to survive, it is used in the commercial power production as well.

Solar energy is also essential for plant life as it is necessary for photosynthesis, the process through which plants generate energy and process nutrients for their growth by converting solar light for their own use by utilizing chloroplasts within their leaves and bodies.

Through this process, food is produced for other herbivores together with oxygen for us to breath and removal of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, allowing creatures such as ourselves to survive while maintaining a balanced world temperature.

Fossil fuels that we depend on today actually formed by prehistoric vegetation and dead organisms and living beings. Once we face an extinction of fossil fuels, the world will become severely handicapped for energy derivatives. However, fossil fuels are not a renewable source of energy and once used up, they cannot be replaced for millions years.

Advantages of using solar energy :

1 . It can ultimately be used anywhere at any time there is sunlight

2 . It is a free energy source; it is the quietest form of energy available

3 . It does not threaten plants or animals

4 . Solar energy is a renewable source of energy

Disadvantages of solar energy are minimal. The primary disadvantage is that the initial establishment of a solar-cell operation such as photovoltaic or solar thermal heat is quite expensive.

Solar energy is a good substitute to generate electricity. It is known as green power because it is environment friendly. There are no ill effects of using solar power as there are no emissions. Solar power can be used for basic purposes of running everyday household needs.

Solar energy may be able to drive the future of this world as the energy derived from it can be used to heat water, generate electricity, generate light, and power cars. Cars that run on petrol cause a lot of pollution and health hazards. Solar energy can actually make a change in the overall health of people as well as the global environment.